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Licensee name
Anthony Nolan
Principal address
2-3 Heathgate Place
Agincourt Road
Licensed activities
Active  help


Where a licence is shown as active, this indicates that the licensee holds a licence that they are able to operate under.

Non remote
Society lottery  help


This licence entitles a non-commercial society or local authority to manage and promote a lottery to raise funds for a purpose for which the society is conducted or for which the local authority has power to incur expenditure. Find out more about licences for lotteries.

Society lottery  help


This licence authorises you to accept remote payment methods for participation in a lottery (for example, internet, telephone, fax, email and/or direct debit). This licence is restricted to a maximum of £250,000 annual proceeds by remote communication. If the annual proceeds taken by means of remote communication exceed this a full remote licence will be required. Find out more about types of lottery licences.

No sanctions recorded
Other action
No other actions recorded
Domain names
These names are provided by the licensee
Active  help


A status of active means that the domain name is currently active and in use.


Trading names
These names are provided by the licensee
No trading names recorded

Search help

If your search does not return results try using just a single word to search (for example instead of ‘Acorn and Horsetree Betting’ just search for ‘Acorn’).

Avoid words that could apply to lots of operators. For example limited, bookmakers, London or casino.

Searching with a licence number

If you have a licence number from an operator and want to locate the public register record you will need to do the following.

A licence number is usually in the following format 000-012345-N-987654-001. You need to search for the numbers in the first block of 6 digits, removing any leading zeros where they exist. So in this example search for the reference 12345

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