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Licensee name
Videoslots Limited
Principal address
The Space, Level 2/3
Alfred Craig Street
PTA 1320
Licensed activities
Active  help


Where a licence is shown as active, this indicates that the licensee holds a licence that they are able to operate under.

Casino  help


This licence entitles you to provide facilities for the playing of casino games and/or participation in other virtual gaming by remote communication (for example roulette, blackjack, poker, reel games). Find out more about licences for remote gambling.

General Betting Standard - Real Event  help


This licence entitles you to provide facilities for betting on the outcome of real events (whether or not you also provide betting on virtual events) by means of remote communication. Find out more about types of betting licence.

Linked gambling software  help


This licence entitles you to manufacture, supply, install or adapt gambling software by remote means in certain restricted circumstances. Find out more about types of gaming machine licence.

No sanctions recorded
Other action
Other action date
29 November 2018

The Commission carried out an investigation into Videoslots Limited, which identified weaknesses in its anti-money laundering and social responsibility controls.

The investigation found breaches of:

  • Licence condition 12.1.1 (Anti-money laundering)
  • Licence condition 12.1.2 (Anti-money laundering measures for operators based in foreign jurisdictions)
  • Licence condition 1.2.1 (Specified management offices)
  • Licence condition 15.2.1 (Key event reporting)

The investigation also found a failure to comply with:

  • social responsibility code provision 3.4.1 (customer interaction).

Videoslots had identified a number of issues and started to implement improvements prior to the compliance assessment. Videoslots acknowledged its shortcomings at an early stage.

In line with our Statement of principle for licensing and regulation, Videoslots has agreed a regulatory settlement consisting of:

  • a payment in lieu of a financial penalty of £1 million which will go to the National Responsible Gambling Strategy project(s) to pay for research and treatment as determined appropriate to address the risk of harmful gambling.
  • the voluntary placing of additional conditions on its operating licence under section 117(1)(b) of the Act.

For more information, please see the Commission's public statement, which can be found on our website.

Domain names
These names are provided by the licensee
Active  help


A status of active means that the domain name is currently active and in use.


Trading names
These names are provided by the licensee
Active  help


A status of active means that the operator is currently using this trading name.


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Searching with a licence number

If you have a licence number from an operator and want to locate the public register record you will need to do the following.

A licence number is usually in the following format 000-012345-N-987654-001. You need to search for the numbers in the first block of 6 digits, removing any leading zeros where they exist. So in this example search for the reference 12345

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