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Licensee name
Fesuge Limited
Principal address
Fesuge Limited
11 Hill Street
Douglas, Isle of Man
Licensed activities
Active  help


Where a licence is shown as active, this indicates that the licensee holds a licence that they are able to operate under.

Casino  help


This licence entitles you to provide facilities for the playing of casino games and/or participation in other virtual gaming by remote communication (for example roulette, blackjack, poker, reel games). Find out more about licences for remote gambling.

General Betting Standard - Real Event  help


This licence entitles you to provide facilities for betting on the outcome of real events (whether or not you also provide betting on virtual events) by means of remote communication. Find out more about types of betting licence.

General betting (standard) (virtual events)  help


This licence entitles you to provide facilities for betting only on virtual events, races or processes by means of remote communication (for example betting on the outcome of a virtual greyhound race, virtual horse race, a virtual football game or virtual penalty shoot-out). Find out more about types of betting licence.

No sanctions recorded
Other action
Other action date
11 January 2017

During the Cheltenham festival (15 - 18 March 2016), TGP Europe Limited (TGP) and Fesuge Limited (Fesuge) (part of a single group of companies) promoted bonus offers on four of their remote gambling brands: FUN88, TLCBet, 12Bet and 138.com (138.com operated by Fesuge). The brands offered bonuses for new sign ups and for existing customers. None of the brands allowed customers to have multiple accounts. TGP and Fesuge subsequently suspended over 5000 due to concerns relating to suspected bonus abuse. This led to a number of complaints to be made to the Commission and the Independen Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS).

TGP and Fesuge accepted that they did not make it clear to customers, and had not included a specific provision in their terms, that an existing customer could not sign up and take advantage of the bonuses for new sign ups. TGP acknowledged that they that their handling of the case was inefficient and accepted that their terms were unclear, ambiguous and did not provide a clear definition of bonus abuse.

TGP and Fesuge did not financially benefit from the non-compliance. Stakes to all customers affected, whether or not they won or lost their subsequent bets were refunded. The breach resulted in a review of their business that led to a number of changes being implemented by them.

For more information about this case, please visit the Gambling Commission's website.

Domain names
These names are provided by the licensee
Active  help


A status of active means that the domain name is currently active and in use.


Trading names
These names are provided by the licensee
No trading names recorded

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Searching with a licence number

If you have a licence number from an operator and want to locate the public register record you will need to do the following.

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